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On spending

Just a quick one. Whenever I talk about saving money, nearly always someone says, ‘Well, you’ll have to stop buying games’ But the thing is, I don’t spend all that much on games nor do I game as much as people think I do. And when you consider the amount of money people spend during … Continue reading


On the Nintendo Switch

So, I got to play with the Switch early. Jealous? My friend from gamedragon86 won both the Vooks and EB Games competitions (she wasn’t allowed to claim both) for the Hands-On Switch events in Melbourne this weekend, and she took me, because I was the first to beg volunteer when she needed a plus one. We were … Continue reading


On ‘The Last Guardian’

For Christmas, I received the The Last Guardian from Husband. It’s the first time we’ve bought a PS4 game that’s just for me… even though Husband bought me the PS4 for Christmas about three years ago. I’ve not played Ico or Shadow of the Collossus, mostly due to never having owned a PS2 being a Nintendo-only fan of gaming … Continue reading