On my ‘Mass Effect’ wedding

So when the future husband failed to say ‘no’ as I prattled off ideas of a Mass Effect themed wedding, he essentially gave me the go-ahead to run with the idea. Stick with me.

This is not going to be a CosPlay event. I’ve decided to take the colours from the N7 logo (white, red and charcoal/black) and use those throughout my wedding. Everything is still way in the planning stages, but I thought I’d provide a brief outline here.

If you didn't know what this was before, go and play 'Mass Effect' and when you come back, we can once again be friends.

If you didn’t know what this was before, go and play ‘Mass Effect’ and when you come back, we can once again be friends.


Easy one here: charcoal dresses with red heels.

And I thought 4 was going to be too many!

And I thought four were going to be too many!

Tables and Centrepieces

We’ve played with the idea of making our own tea lights like the ones below. I’ve found a program that will let me design silhouettes we can then print to transparent paper. I was thinking of using these for the table names, and including a silhouette of the character the table is named after. The red/white/black theme will carry across to the linen. Depending on the venue, we’ll be able to mix and match.

This is cool...


Many venues offer a red carpet for the ceremony (we’re having both at the one venue). Add some white bows to the aisle chairs, and voila! Instant N7 stripe.

Bram Leigh - Croydon - Inside the chapel  Naturally occurring N7 stripe!

I took this as a sign.

The reception must have fairy lights! Must!

Bram Leigh receptions

Bonus: When everyone is noticing the pretty lights, no one will be focusing on my “I hate photos” smile.


I have allergies. The flowers are going to be fake.

These will have to be fake...

No sneezing fits at my wedding!

The Dance

Garrus and FemShep’s tango from the Citadel DLC. What else?

This is something I need to do a little persuading of. He doesn’t think I could do it.

The Cake

The whole reason a man decides to participate in such an event. Future hubby has a nut allergy, so he’s worried the baker will use almond icing (as is tradition). Also, our cake will be chocolate!

I decorate cakes a hobby, and considered making the cake myself. However, who wants to be rolling their own icing just a couple of days before the big day?

Like this one a lot...

Now, do I use my FemShep and Garrus figures as toppers? I mean, they’re only $80 a piece.


I’ve got to go back through the dialogue and pull out all the romantic quotes from Mass Effect that still work out of context. I want to keep as many as I can to conversations between Shepard and Garrus. This means lots of YouTube videos of romance scenes.

At the engagement, I managed to convince my sister that ME is a romantic game with this quote:

2014-03-02 17.43.42

I only had to explain this one about five times. The rest knew to not ask. Just nod. Always nod.


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